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Let's talk about sushi's origins

Sushi is for sure not typical from Accra, they are coming from Japan. Originally wrapping up fish in rice with vinegar was a way to conserve fish for a long time. Today sushis are the most emblematic food from Japan, and yet in the land of the Rising Sun it is not a daily meal, eating sushis remains pretty occasional. There are many kind of sushis : the most famous are maki, nigiri, sashimi. Even if it seems simple to realize, sushi are not too easy to do. First you need to have fresh fish and to know how to prepare the rice. You have to cook it in a special way and to melt with some rice vinegar. Then you have to roll them and make something as tasty as pretty.

Order sushis on Jumia Food

In the capital of Ghana, you have plenty of choice concerning cuisines and restaurants. Today, it seems to be a sushi day. To eat tasty and healthy food in Accra, sushis are the right choice. Order online some sushis, thanks to Jumia Food you can get sushis delivered to your place for a convenient price in a short while. Jumia Food makes sushis order easy, just choose the japanese restaurant, compose your menu, tell us your address in Accra and that’s all you need to do. Actually, you also need to relax and enjoy a nice sushi meal.

Organise a Sushi Party in Accra

You dream of a sushi party but you don’t feel in the mood for learning how to become a master in making sushis. If you’re living in Accra, no panic, your dream will come true. Nothing is easier than organising a sushi party. You just have to order some sushis on Jumia Food and get it delivered to your doorstep. To meet everyone’s expectations, choose different kinds of sushis : tuna or salmon nigiris, tekka maki, california rolls, salmon maki, avocado maki, sashimis … It promises to be a tasty and great party in Accra partly thanks to Jumia Food!