Jumia Food Ghana brings the pizza realm to your door, gather your friends and family!

Whether you prefer the American way, with its cheesy madness and a fluffy almost caky crust. Or the Italian way with a crispy bread like crust, with aromas of olive oil and of the Mediterranean regions of Italy. Either way, everyone loves pizza! Great news Jumia Food Ghana is here to provide you with any kind of pie you wish for! Fast delivery and easy cash on reception payment. Check out our menus and try to find what reads best between all the choices we have. Order from Pinnochio for some Italian style recipes. i.e. the very classic Margherita pizza or the more exotic Mumbai version with peppers and chicken curry. Other interesting choices are the Campagnola with rocket salad, basil and oregano; the Prosciutto Crudo with pork ham and parmigiano.

Order a nice salad to go with your pizza and have a smart meal!

Now you might not have thought about it at first, but is there anything nicer, crispier, and more refreshing than a great salad to go with your pizza? Especially if you ordered an american pizza from one of our restaurants. Take for example the Melting moments supremo that you can get delivered by Melting moments in no time at your home or office. How nice would it be to combine it with the pasta, the bentley, hte chicken, the tuna or the vegetable salad from Nourish Lab Smoothy’s ? In our book, it is the perfect combination. The perfect comfort food and yet healthy meal. Try it out and enjoy it with your family or friends and see all the smiles appear on their faces.