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We love Pizza! Rich ingredients, satisfying cheese, and spicy tomato sauce is really all we need on a lazy Sunday afternoon. To make sure you’re as happy as we are when television time comes around and the fridge looks as empty as ever, we’re proud to announce our most important partners in Accra: Those providing you with scrumptious Pizza dishes all day, every day. Currently over 24 restaurants prepare Pizza freshly, and we can promise you that the number is growing steadily based on your wishes for Pizza on the lunch and dinner menu. Rest assured, we will dish up only the yummiest that international and domestic Pizza cuisine has to offer: At DNR Turkish Café & Restaurant, Pizza lovers will delight in their array of Hollywood pizza with special cheese and beef sausage, Turkish rich pizza with minced meat and tomatoes, and Brooklyn pizza: Mushroom, tomatoes and green peppers unite in this dish satisfying even the most critical connoisseur. Read on and discover everything about Jumia Food and ways you can order Ghanaian food, Asian noodles and beef for dinner today!

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Founded in 2012, we knew that over a dozen of Pizza vendors will garner a big response from the foodies out there. You asked for it and we delivered: Today, the number of vendors who deliver meals right to your doorstep is unprecedented in Africa and we are growing daily. To enjoy our online services, simply log into your computer and visit us either via website or mobile application. Designed for your smartphone, all cuisines are readily available alongside a five-star rating system which allows you to recommend us to your friends and family. After selecting the most popular dish, you tailor your menu according to personal taste. Add a refreshing drink to your Pizza, and don’t forget a green salad! After you submitted the order, our drivers will come around in no time and bring you delicious, nourishing food within minutes. Try it today, and give us a shout-out how you liked it. There’s only new place for the best Pizza in town, and it is Jumia Food!

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