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Liberian cuisine online

Liberian cuisine reflects the rich culture of the Liberian heritage. Certain foreign traditions are also reflected in some Liberian recipes. Most Liberian dishes contain an interesting melange of spices. Most times ingredients found in Liberian ingredients include cassava, peppers, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, ginger, palm oil and many tasteful vegetables.
Rice is also one of the staple foods in Liberia. Also dumboy (boiled and then pounded cassava) and Fufu/foofoo (derivative of cassava) are also staple Liberian side dishes. From the Cassava leaf sauce coated in chunks of beef and chicken to the lush and delicious rice bread, Liberian meals sold on Jumia Food Ghana would leave your taste buds asking for more…

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Check out some of Jumia Food's top restaurants, and enjoy great tasting Liberian recipes, you can also try all our other continental dishes. One thing for sure is regardless of what you get, you would feel 100% satisfaction with our product and services.

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