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Ivorian Cuisines Online

Ivory Coast, or Côte d'Ivoire cuisines, are popular for having slow-simmered stews and featuring variety of starches and grains. Chicken and fish are also very popular and available online on jumia food . Tomatoes, eggplant and onions are important vegetables. Cassava root, plantains, and rice form the bulk of starchy calories. To enjoy ivorian cuisines like mafé, or sauce d'arachide, which is meat in peanut sauce buy on jumia food. Also for the best side dishes like fried or mashed plantains and attieke, grated and cooked cassava our vendors are always up to the task. Ivorian

Cultural Meals for Everyone on Jumia Food

Côte d'Ivoire is a country rich with culture, it has roughly about 60 ethnic groups that add to the diversity to the country's cuisine. Each ethnic group has diets that are suitable to their unique lifestyles. Some examples are the Agni and Abron groups survive by farming cocoa and coffee and the Senufo peoples live by cultivating rice, yams, peanuts, and millet. Peppery peanut sauce rice is often enjoyed by the Senufo people, while those living near the coast enjoy a variety of seafoods.
All this cultural meals prepared with the best spices in the most serene environs by the best chefs in ghana can be enjoyed anywhere. Jumia food’s services are reasonably priced and are available throughout the country. When we register vendors, we ensure, the restaurant sell braised foods, just the way ivorians want them. Meats of chicken and fish are the most commonly braised food and give the best aroma and feel when eaten, best served with onions and tomatoes. For tasty meals like Rice, fufu, attiéké , and kedjenou visit jumia food today.

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