Jumia Food is closed at the moment. You can still preorder from available restaurants.

Express Lunch Brought to you by Jumia Food

Have you ever wondered how you could get your lunch delivered to you while you are very busy? You do not have to go all the way to your favorite restaurant or lunch place to get some great food anymore. Jumia Food presents to you, Express Lunch! With this new addition to our categories, you can now easily order your lunch and have it delivered to you within the hour. So now, just before you go in for your meeting, bring out your phone and go to our app, or even on your PC, order some quick lunch and have them delivered to you hot and totally delicious just when you step out of your meeting!

Order Express Lunch on Jumia Food; Swift Delivery!

With Jumia Food, you do not have to stress yourself by driving out to your favorite restaurant during lunch hour. Save yourself the stress and maximize your break by letting us do the hard part. Order your European, Italian, African and Intercontinental meals from Bans Catering services and H-Street Xpress. Get a cold drink to go with it from JumiaDrinks and have a delicious meal. So when you are craving your salads, sandwiches and some proper food, all you need to do is place your order on Jumia and get your mouthwatering meals within the hour!