Jumia Food is closed at the moment. You can still preorder from available restaurants.

European Food, Right at your Doorstep

Enjoy the delicious cuisine of the Europeans right here in Ghana with sumptuous meals brought to your doorstep by Jumia Food. European dishes have traveled across continents and can now easily be gotten by you right here, and even easier, you can receive it right at your doorstep with Jumia Food. Countries like New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom and Greece have such rich food that leaves everyone dreaming to visit the country just to taste some of their food. But with Jumia, you have no problem with getting these cuisines, all you need to do is order through your phone or PC and we will have hot and delicious meals at your doorstep in no time!

Let Jumia Food Bring you some Rich European Meals

Looking for where to buy the best European food in Ghana? Jumia Food has an array of restaurants that will satisfy all your cravings with delicious food delivered to you wherever you are, be it in your home or in your office. Get your delicious European meals from H-Express and Bans Catering services for your parties. Pamper your loved ones with fancy European meals that will leave them wanting more and more. If you’re looking to explore more delicacies, try restaurants with other African and Intercontinental restaurants and enjoy all the goodness Jumia Food has to offer.