Jumia Food is closed at the moment. You can still preorder from available restaurants.

Healthy & Delicious Brunch Just for You

Brunch is a healthy part of one’s eating habits and should be inculcated in one’s daily routine. This is one of the ways to keep the energy in the body flowing and staying active because when one gets too hungry and does not satisfy that hunger, the person would tend to become slow and the output they put out would be little as compared to when they are fully alert.

Brunch is especially consumed by people who work in offices because it is fast and on the go, which is what is mostly needed when you have a pile of papers you need to attend to on your table. And what is the fastest way to get your brunch delivered to you? That’s right! Jumia Food is here for you. Order your delicious and freshly made brunch meals from Sai Café and leave your colleagues drooling.

Let Jumia Food Bring you Mouthwatering Brunch Meals

Do you feel like treating your family to some great Sunday brunch? It’s now possible and very easy to do that with Jumia Food. Simply get on our website or open your app and order all you need, and we would have them delivered to you in a flash.

If you feel like spicing things up, or turning your small brunch into a whole day event, order your lunch and dinner from restaurants that offer different kinds of cuisines like the popular Italian, African and Intercontinental dishes. We promise to bring you hot and delicious meals and such a great service that you would definitely come back.