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Happy birthday to you! The best birthday cakes are found on Jumia Food and our selection of over 13 vendors that offer you nothing but sweet deliciousness. Cakes, donuts, muffins and Red Velvet cake are just the start for us when it comes to the most important meal of the day: Breakfast! Listen up and learn about our partners and their array of treats to take away and enjoy at home: Delifrance Coffee in Accra provides everything you need for a balanced, healthy start into your day. From oven-baked croissants, home-made chocolate cake and brownies through to birthday cakes and chocolate fondant, be sure to browse their entire dessert menu to discover the most delicious dish of all times. You’ll be blown away by the richness of the Bakeshop Classics menu, too: Cherry danish, Apple pie and donuts are just three out of innumerable yummy options available to you. Your next celebration is cared for with Jumia Food and cakes delivery online!

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We cherish our bakery nearby the office. Friendly and reliable service is paired with artful products and amazing presentation in-store. Thankfully, our convenient online food ordering portal allows you to access hundreds of different birthday cakes, chocolate cakes, and cheese cakes with minimal effort. We promise you won’t have to leave your couch to carry out the following three steps easily: To get cake delivery, provide us with the name of your area and your city. Next, select the cake you find most fitting for a decent tea party with friends. Finally, submit your wish and the most beautiful cake will soon be delivered to your home or office address. Can it get any simpler? Yes, we think it can! Try the Jumia Food mobile app to visit your bakery online, and recommend your favorite produce to all members of your family. The best birthday cake is made by yourself? Spare yourself the trouble, and say hi today!

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We at Jumia Food, truly appreciate your feedback, which is why we ensured all restaurant partners receive their fair ratings from customers. Therefore, after you munched your meal please do not miss out on telling us how you enjoyed it, and whether you think we can improve. Whether it is cakes from a bakery, Ghanaian food or scrumptuous meat dishes you ordered, we are interested in what you have to say and if you would visit us again. Carry the best cuisines, the most exotic dishes, and much more in your pocket- wherever you are, whenever you want. Food ordering should be simple and fuss-free, and we hope you enjoy your time with us. The next dinner is cared for with our service, and the cake after it is not complementary. Indulge!