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Jumia Food is closed at the moment. You can still preorder from available restaurants.

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Too tired to cook? hellofood Ghana has got your back with our selection of hundreds of restaurant vendors in Osu right at your fingertips. Browse, click, enjoy: Once you know which cuisine you feel like most, order your meal quick and easy via mobile app and pay upon delivery. Be it a spicy Indian curry, traditional stone-oven Pizza, healthy green salads or yummy sweet treats you are craving, be sure to explore the variety of hellofood Ghana. To make your stay with us even more attractive,many orders come with exclusive meal deals to guarantee your hellofood experience is not just a tasty, but also an affordable one. Repeat after us: "hello food!"

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Big appetite, full schedule? Here's what to do when the tummy crumbles yet an online restaurants visit seems just a little too much to bear. Step one, download the hellofood app for your iphone and android phone. Step two, browse and choose your favourite meal provider from among hundreds of restaurant vendors listed on our site. Third, select of your favourite meal, and tell hellofood the adress of your delivery. Et vóilá: In no time, hot, fresh and tasty cuisines arrive at your doorstep. Enjoyed it? Expand the foodie party by recommending us to friends and family - for the fastest online food delivery in Africa, it's gotta be hellofood!

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