Road Trips in Ghana You Should Experience

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Nothing gives a more complete immersion for the traveler than a road trip within the country. While 5 Star hotels and long stretch of beaches are great, they often give you no real view of the countryside. A 5 star hotel in Accra might as well be a 5 star hotel Mexico. The sushi would definitely be the same. The wifi and the bedding too. But not the views of course. But the views are nothing compared to driving through the country, seeing the people and how they live, interacting with them, visiting their markets, crossing their rivers and taking in the beauty of the landscape as it races past you.

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So what are some of the best routes to travel the country of Ghana through on a road trip?

We’ve compiled a list of 3 road trips you can undertake from Accra, alongside Ghanaian books that would make the perfect companion for you on each road trip.

Accra – Bobiri Forest, Kente Village – Kumasi

Depart your hotel or accommodation and take a drive away from metropolitan Accra towards Kumasi and the scenic countryside.

Along the Kumasi highway, make a stop at the Bobiri Forest Reserve and Butterfly Sanctuary which is home to an estimated 400 species of butterflies. 16 km away is the Kente village of Adanwomase, visit to see traditional cloth weaving and try your hand at thread spinning and weaving, or shop for your own exotic kente cloth. Drive on to Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city and check in to a hotel of your choice in Kumasi which you should have booked for ahead.

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Accra – Elmina Castle – Kakum National Park

Depart your location in Accra and head towards Elmina, Cape Coast via the Accra – Cape Coast Road. You will catch glimpses of the ocean along the road, particularly from Mankessim to Saltpond and onwards to the Cape Coast, and if your car windows are wound down you will enjoy the soft ocean breeze blowing against your skin. Tour the UNESCO World Heritage Site of St. George Castle as well as the Elmina Castle a monument to the era of the slave trade in Ghana.

Be sure to catch exquisite views of the surrounding countryside from the top of the Fort San Jago.

From the Elmina Castle embark on a 56 minute drive to the Kakum National Park where Stingless Bees, Birds, Crocodiles, and other wildlife animals are bound to rouse your interest and curiosity. Don’t forget to make a journey through the highest rain forest canopy walkway at the Kakum National Park and take Instagram worthy pictures. You have the ride back to think of worthy captions and the appropriate filters for your post.

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Accra – Boti Boti Falls – Shai Hills

From your location, embark on your journey in Accra taking the Liberation Road on to Legon Road. This road trip will take you past several towns among which are Madina, Adenta Municipality, Aburi, and Mampon among others. The views are interesting along the way and like always you should have your camera ready to capture pictursque landscapes along the way.

When you get to Aburi, a quick stop at the Aburi Carvings Market is also a great idea.

One of the interesting things about Boti Falls is the 250 concrete stairway to the top of the falls from the bottom which many people go to Boti Falls just to make the trip up and down the stairway. Boti Falls is a double side-by-side falls during the seasonal high flow.

From Boti Falls continue on to Oterkpalu-Kpong Road and snake your way with the road on to Shai Hills going past Somanya-Okwenya Road and Akosombo-Tema Road right to your destination.

Shai Hills is a wildlife viewing area with spotted hills dotting the landscape. Of interest to travelers is also the ancestral caves of the Shai people which was used as a defense from enemies during times of war.

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