Hotels in Accra and their Buffet Prices – Updated Hotels!!!

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A great thing about hotels is the dining. Luxury hotels go a long way to ensure that they have the best chefs who put together exquisite cuisines from all over the world. Even if you are not staying in a hotel, you can walk in to the restaurant for a meal and enjoy some of the finest dishes on the menu. Many people, when thinking of what to do for an occasion like their birthday usually end up deciding to just do lunch or dinner at a hotel’s restaurant. Which is great, saves you from the stress of planning so much. Just tell your friends where to show up.

But how much do buffet cost at a hotel in Accra? From a distance they may seem quite expensive. I mean, all those fancy hotels with meals from Thailand that you can’t pronounce their name, it surely would cost a lot. Not really. We have put together this post to show you prices of buffet in select Accra hotels.

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Labadi Beach Hotel

Labadi Beach Hotel is a 5-Star hotel in Accra with an amazing hospitality service and an even more amazing view of the beach. The restaurant is described as “elegant”, and the buffet itself described as “pretty tasty” and having “lots of options.”

Cost of Labadi Beach Hotel Buffet

Breakfast – GH₵ 145

Lunch – GH₵ 155

Dinner – GH₵ 165

labadi beach hotel buffet



The African Regent Hotel

The African Regent Hotel describes itself as ‘simply afropolitan’ and boasts of an internationally acclaimed chef who prepares its cuisines. Reviews show that the buffet at The African Regent Hotel is rich, with a warm and welcoming staff on hand to help you through every phase of your dining experience.

Cost of The African Regent Hotel Buffet

Breakfast – GH₵ 100

Lunch – GH₵ 160

Dinner – GH₵ 130


Fiesta Royale Hotel

The restaurant of Fiesta Royale Hotel serves local and continental cuisines, delivering a world class dining experience to lodging guests and walk in diners at its Mansonia Restaurant. The restaurant has a private dining area, and is also perfect for groups and small parties.

Cost of Fiesta Royal Hotel Buffet

Breakfast – GH₵80 for adults and GH₵40 for children

Lunch – GH₵110 on Sunday’s and GH₵90 from Monday to Saturday

Dinner – GH₵90 but GH₵100 on Wednesday’s and Friday’s

fiesta royale accra buffet


Airport View Hotel

If you stay at Airport View Hotel, you get the opportunity to enjoy the free continental breakfast buffet. But what is spectacular about dining at the Airport View Hotel asides the sumptuous meals is that the hotel restaurant is situated on the rooftop. Offering an amazing view of the city. With the hotel less than a kilometer to the Airport, no wonder it is called the Airport View Hotel.

Cost of Airport View Hotel Buffet

Breakfast – GH₵35

Lunch – GH₵50

Dinner – GH₵50

airport view hotel accra


Holiday Inn Accra Airport Hotel

Holiday Inn Accra is frequented by guests who are on vacation or honeymooning. However, since we are looking at hotels to have amazing buffet meals, lets concern ourselves with what people say about the restaurant and the food. A review on TripAdvisor says the “buffet offering is the best I have seen in Ghana” while adding that he has been to all the top hotels in Ghana.

Cost of Holiday Inn Accra Airport Buffet

Breakfast – GH₵85

Lunch – GH₵120 on Sunday’s and GH₵90 any other day

Dinner – GH₵100

holiday inn accra buffet

Golden Tulip Hotel

Golden Tulip Hotel is one of the most popular Hotel Chains across the world. In Accra they continue to deliver excellent accommodation and dining services. With the hotel playing host to people who come from all over the world to Accra on business, it offers local and continental cuisines, with as a guest puts it “local Ghanaian flavour.”

Cost of Golden Tulip Hotel Accra Buffet

Breakfast – GH₵100

Lunch – GH₵145

Dinner – GH₵120

golden tulip accra restaurant


So there you have it. Now you have a fairly good idea of buffet price in Ghana. Now you can plan anniversaries, birthdays or any other special occasion with greater detail.


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