Gift Ideas for Christmas 2018

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Christmas is the season of love, goodwill, cheer and asides from all the eating and drinking, gifts in brightly wrapped boxes.

In the midst of all the fanfare and celebrations though, a dillemma most people face is not know what gifts to buy for their friends and loved one.

And even if you can escape not buying gifts for friends and family, you certainly can’t escape it at the office santa.

So if you need any help with what to buy in 2018 as Christmas gifts, these are some of the best ideas we’ve put together for you.

Beauty Products from Kaeme
For starters, you can get your loved one beauty products from Kaeme. The hand crafted beauty products for hair and skin are a must have for everyone, men and woman, looking to maintain a beautiful skin, glowing complexion and healthy hair.

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DsTV/Netflix/Spotify/Apple Music Subscription
This is a very underrated gift to give to someone. Subscription for entertainment costs money, and if you can gift someone a month or two worth of subscription for their music or movies it goes a long way in helping them spend the money they would have used for it on something else. It is also very thoughtful and speaks to the heart. It says ‘i know you love your cooking shows, so there, hopefully one day your cooking improves.’

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Spa Treatment
I don’t know about you but a spa treatment gift is one I would absolutely love right now. After working all year round, nothing says ‘You’ve been amazing and you have worked really hard, go get some rest and relaxation’ like the gift of a spa treatment. Hotels like Best Western Plus Atlantic Hotel offer amazing Spa treatments that you may want to gift to your best friend, lover or mum.

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Gym Subscription

Christmas also comes with a lot of new year resolutions, especially with the new year being just a week away from the holiday. Some of the most eagerly made resolutions include hitting the gym, losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But as far as people and resolutions go, we know the story too well. But that shouldn’t deter you from gifting a friend a gym subscription. They may already be an active ‘gymer’, or looking to hit the gym for the first time, whatever the case, it shows that someone approves of their commitment and supports them. If you can you could also consider buying them equipment such as a Yoga mat, bar bells, skipping rope among others.hotel gym in ghana


Hotel Getaway

A hotel stay like Spa Treatments are gifts that really speak to the heart. It shows that you seek the comfort and relaxation of the person and you want them to take time off and go have some fun and wade their legs in a pool. With Jumia Travel you can take advantage of the 30% off this season for first time customers when you book a hotel on Jumia Travel for a loved one or friend. A weekend off, or the entire week if you can afford it would be such a wonderful way to getaway to a place with nothing but sparkling white bed sheets and room service.

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Artworks are great gifts to give. Paintings, sculptures or drawings, they don’t have to be depiction of the miraculous birth of the Christ, as long as they are beautiful and the recipient can find a place in their home to love and appreciate them.

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This is by no means an exhaustive list. But what we hope it can do for you is getting you thinking out of the box for unique gift ideas. Also, the best way to get a person a gift is to look directly at their need. They may have mentioned a while ago their electric kettle stopped working, or that they have always wanted a puppy, that way you get them a practical gift that is useful and they have always wanted.

Merry Christmas.

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