12 Facts about Ghana to know on It’s Independence Anniversary

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62 Hearty Cheers to Ghana.

The Nation celebrates its 62nd Independence Anniversary in 2019 and the former Gold Coast has come a long way since independence. With a strong history and culture spanning over centuries, we highlighted some modern facts to know about Ghana.

  1. Ghana is ranked the most peaceful country in Africa by the Global Peace Index.Ghana independence day celebration

  2. Ghana’s currency cedi comes from a local word that means cowry shell.

  3. The name Ghana means Warrior King.

  4. Ghana has the largest market in West Africa. The market is called Kejetia Market and is in Kumasi.kejetia market

  5. There are 14 languages and over 200 dialects in Ghana and every Ghanaian is practically bilingual.

  6. Ghana had 10 regions but has recently created additional 6 new regions of Bono East, North East, Ahafo Region, Western North, Savannah and Oti.ghana soccer crowd in stadium

  7. Ghana is the first country in Sub-saharan Africa to gain independence.

  8. A Ghanaian, Ferdi Ato Abobe holds the world 100m record for sprinting backwards in 13.6 seconds.

  9. The Elmina Castle is the oldest European building in Sub-Saharan Africa, built by the Portuguese in 1482.Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

  10. Ghana has the largest man-made lake in the world which is Lake Volta.

  11. Ghana’s traditional clothing is the Kente fabric.Kente Cloth on Display

  12. Ghana’s capital Accra literally means Ants.

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