Everything you Need to know about Traveling by Bus from Lagos to Accra

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The two west African Nations of Nigeria and Ghana have a lot in common as far as history, commerce and trade and culture is concerned. Citizens of both countries are found in each others country in great numbers often times inter-marrying. In the sub-region of Wet Africa, the Lagos to Accra route is one of the most traveled by businessmen, students, and tourists. The journey takes an average of 9 hours 30 minutes, which is shorter than traveling from Lagos to Zaria – 14 hours, Lagos to Kano – 16 hours, and Lagos to Abuja – 11 hours, all cities within Nigeria.

For a road trip, Lagos to Accra by road can be fun and exciting with a host of marvelous experiences along the way to keep you enthralled, from the views to the road side sellers at major stop points.

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

Lagos to Accra Bus Operators

ABC Transport

Amuwo Odofin Bus Terminal
Price N17,00

CHISCO Transport

Jibowu International Terminal
Average Price: N15,200


Yaba Terminal
Price – N16,650

Cross Country

Yaba Terminal
Price: N13,500

Documents you need to travel Lagos to Accra by Road

Typically you need your Nigerian Passport or ECOWAS Passport and a Yellow Fever Card. To know about the Yellow Fever Card process in Nigeria, check out this post we created on the new guidelines effective April 2019 on Yellow Fever Card for travelers.

Where to change Currency on the trip from Lagos to Accra

Aflao Border. The border between Togo and Ghana.

Distance between Lagos, Nigeria and Accra, Ghana.

The distance between Lagos and Accra is 459.3km.

Bus Parks in Accra, Ghana

Different bus companies have their various bus parks in Accra, and you’ll need to know where they are located to plan your trip properly, especially so you may know where to book your hotel in Accra, how to proceed from the bus park to your hotel and which transport company to even use in the first place.

  • ABC Park in Accra is located at 75 Nsawam Rd, Accra, Ghana
  • Chisco Park in Accra is located opposite Neoplan Station, Circle, Accra, Ghana
  • Efex Park in Accra is located at Ring Road (Opposite Paloma Hotel) Accra and V434/3, Liberty Link Road, near Roxy Cinema, Adabraka Accra.
  • Cross Country Park in Accra is located Opp Apollo Theatre, Ring Rd, Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

What to expect on a road trip from Lagos to Accra.

You’ll have to get off the bus and cross the Nigeria Togo border by foot, and when you get to the other side, get back in to the bus.

Nigerian movies on the bus to keep you entertained.

Lots of stops on the road especially when you get closer to the international borders with immigration and customs on both sides carrying various levels of inspections.

Lot’s of hawkers on the road in Benin, Togo and eventually Ghana will shove their wares in your face through the windows, and that’s some exciting part of the trip.

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