Christmas in Ghana: 8 Things to expect this Holiday Season

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There will be a number of parties, concerts and shows every other day through out the month of December. High profile and low profile, paid and free shows, club hosted parties to family gatherings, December and the Christmas season brings out the party animal in all of us. If you are looking for an outing to attend you will not be short of options. Friends will organize BBQs, house parties and pool parties will be packed, you just need to know where it is happening and get an invite for yourself.


Booked Hotel Rooms

We often advise travelers in Ghana to book ahead of the Christmas season. The month of December which sees an influx of people into major cities, also bears witness to the packed hotel rooms across the country. To avoid being stranded, if you haven’t booked a hotel room for that week long vacation, or over the weekend chill, now is the time.

Crowded Shopping Malls and Markets

Christmas and shopping go and in hand. From the Black Friday sales that preludes Christmas to the clearance sales that stores use to get rid of old stock. The malls and markets will be overcrowded from people buying gifts and buying items for the Christmas parties and celebrations.

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What is Christmas without skies lit up in fire works. If you thought this was a past time of just kids, think again. Young adults and older folks aren’t left out of the pyrotechnics. If you are involved in lighting up fireworks please make sure you follow safety procedures so you or those around you don’t get hurt.

Lots of Food

You can’t escape it. Christmas in Ghana means there is going to be lots of food at almost every turn. This is especially true for family gatherings. While gatherings of cliques and friends may be more alcohol and music based, you can count on family gatherings to center around food in Christmas and these won’t be in short supply.

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Return of the Burga

Christmas will also witness a lot of the Burga. Burgas are folks away from the country studying or working abroad, who typically return home in summer or at Christmas.

Increased Travel

Another phenomenon you should know about Christmas in Ghana is that travel is greatly on the rise during this period. While lots of folks leave the cities of Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi to inner towns and villages to be with family and friends over the holiday, as mentioned earlier we also witness an influx of people into the cities from people coming in from abroad.

Travel Deals

Very important in all of this is that this Christmas, Jumia Travel will be giving lots of deals on Hotels and Flights booking and you will not want to miss any part of it. So when your Burga cousins are flying into town book their flight tickets for them on Jumia Travel and if they are feeling too boujee to stay in the family house, amazing deals on hotels will get them a comfortable place to stay in this Christmas.


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