5 Tasty Lunch Ideas for the ”Busy Bees”

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‘’We are so busy doing nothing that the idea of doing anything which as you know, always leads to something cuts into the nothing and then forces us to have to drop everything’’  – Jerry Seinfeld


Life has become so intense that almost everyone is now on the fast lane. The ‘’fast life’’ is no more a myth but a reality or call it a necessity. In order to be successful, many people now have to take on tight schedule and work so many hours. Now, ‘’i am busy’’ is no more a reserve for certain people, it’s an anthem for nearly everyone. No matter your schedule however, you need to make time to fuel the body. Eating is good and eating healthy is better but when you have limited times to eat, it will be beneficial to find the right time and right meal to eat. The most recommended will be to eat a good breakfast and a heavy lunch to compensate for the rest of the day. The dilemma now will be, what do you eat for lunch? What can sustain you through the hectic day till late night or maybe the next morning? Jumia Food, suggests 5 tasty lunch ideas for the busy person in Ghana.



Kenkey with pepper, fried fish and eggs

Often considered as the ‘’national staple’’, Kenkey is one tasty yet fulfilling meal. This meal used to be tagged with poverty and low income levels because it is made of maize which has ancient stories tied to poverty and hunger. As the years have gone by, Kenkey is now one of Ghana’s most eaten dishes and as heavy as it is, you cannot ignore it when choosing a good lunch for someone who is super busy. Eat a ball or two and you are sorted for so many hours. You don’t even have to think about food, just get back to work. All you will need is a glass of water every hour and you are fine. Kenkey is often accompanied with pepper, fried fish and sometimes eggs. These days, the more classy kenkey eaters eat their meal with sardines, canned beef, pear, shrimps and other protein accompaniments. The nutritional benefits are also very high. Not your fault you are always busy, just eat kenkey.


Banku with okro soup/stew or tilapia

Sometimes considered a very heavy meal, banku is often taken at night. Usually an enjoyable meal which can be eaten with various types of accompaniment, this maize meal is popular among the coastal cities but has spread nationwide. A delicacy for most foreign visitors to Ghana, banku is very solid and takes care of you for so many hours. After a couple of balls, you will be filled up with so much energy. For busy people, banku with any of these accompaniments is just the ideal lunch for you. After this, you can just go back and concentrate on your job.

Waakye with gari, fish and eggs

In Ghana, this meal is popular for breakfast. Although a bit heavy because of the combination of rice and beans, waakye is delicious and ideal for busy people who may not have the time to pause more than once to eat. Another advantage that waakye has over the bulky meals is that it can be easily packaged into disposable packs and eaten on the go. When you have a meeting but need to eat on your way there, waakye is best for you. Just sit at the back of the car, relax and enjoy this tasty meal. Get to your meeting full and refreshed. Depending on your level of hunger, you can eat different volumes to your satisfaction.


Jollof rice with chicken / Fish

Maybe the most popular Ghanaian meal now because of the never ending battle for supremacy surrounding who makes the best jollof, you cannot be in Ghana without eating this meal. This is also another meal that can be eaten at anytime of the day but for busy people who may be worried about eating too heavy, this may be the best meal for them. Also, just as in the case of waakye, jollof can be carried along very easily as it is usually packaged well. Nutritional values of this meal are high as it contains carbohydrates and vitamins with it’s accompaniments being mostly protein based.


Boiled yam with garden egg stew / palava sauce

Not a regular favorite of many people but those who love it, love it for unique reasons. This meal is bulky enough to last you so many hours while you still have control of your work. If not mistakened, yam with palava sauce or garden egg stew looks like the most nutritious among all the above mentioned lunch options. Very tasty meal with a local feel about it. A meal of yam and palava sauce is sure to take you deep into the night or maybe, the next day.

Busy people seldom have time to grab a meal and when they do, they need food that can last for so many hours. Usually the best time for such people to grab something good to eat is lunch and with limited time, ordering food online will save time, cost and prove very efficient. You may not have to go to the food, it will come to you right where you are. With apps and websites that allow you order food and get it delivered safe and fast, there is no excuse to be too busy to eat. Black Friday food deals are also live and amazing. Time to eat well while you save big.

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